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The 'Kura' House, one of AIT's residency premises.





AIT host artists and curators for one to three month residencies in Tokyo. We have a two storey converted Japanese 'kura' or store-house in Yukigaya, Tokyo where residents can stay. When more than one person is resident, we rent apartments in central Tokyo.

Our residency is funded through partnerships with arts organisations and foundations in Japan and abroad.

Please note that we do not accept direct applications for residency.

Those interested can try applying to the relevant partners listed below, if one is eligible.


PARTNERS AND FUNDERS (As of January, 2015)


Mondriaan Fonds (The Netherlands)

IASPIS (Sweden)


The Backers Foundation (Japan)

Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.

Agency of Cultural Affairs [Bunkacho] (Japan)

*Note: Our partnership with Frame Visual Art Finland (The former "FRAME") has terminated in year 2012



AIT began the first systematic artist in residence program in Tokyo in 2004. Since then a number of other residencies have begun, most notably Tokyo Wondersite, run by the Metropolitan Government of Tokyo. The AIT residency is very informal. We prefer to think of it as a research type residency rather than a production/ studio residency. AIT does not keep an exhibition space or specialized studio facilities. Artists tend to work in their houses, travel in Japan and pursue various research projects. We assist in this wherever possible, by introducing artists and cuartors to relevant people, places etc.


This year, AIT will invite the following artists/curators to Tokyo for our Residency Program.



View artists/curators in residence