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Magnus Bartas(Sweden) on North Korean cinema and monsters, 2007.



AIT has organised regular artist and curator talks since 2001. All English language talks are consecutively translated by AIT staff.

Resident artists normally give a public talk about their works. In addition visiting artists, curators and critics have also spoken at AIT, wherever possible reflecting current developments in contemporary art. Artists have included Henk Visch, Simon Starling, Bjorn Melhus, Johannes Wohnseifer, Christopher Williams, Jumana emil Abboud, Erika Verzutti, Federico Herrero, Khadim Ali and many others. Curators and critics have included Sarat Maharaj, Maria Lind, Fumio Nanjo, David Elliott, Lawrence Rinder, Gregory Burke, Mihnea Mircan...



Symposiums have been organised on a variety of topics which we think are relevant in Japan. Topics have included Artists in Residency in Tokyo, art and ecology and independent curatorial practices in Japan since 2000.


Special MAD courses have also been given by visiting artists and curators on specialised themes. For example Swedish artist Magnus Bartas gave a two day course on North Korean monster cinema and dictatorship in art.


Talks usually take place in AIT Room. Larger symposiums and talks have been held in different venues, including Tokyo International Forum, Hillside Plaza and POLA Annex space in Ginza.



View  past AIT Event / Talk