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About AIT's Membership Program

Arts Initiative Tokyo’s Membership Program is a new scheme offering various benefits and networking opportunities, from learning more about contemporary art to attending artist and curator talks.

Members will be notified of AIT artis talks and slide lectures held in AIT Room(Daikanyama, Tokyo) on a priority basis and, depending on the level of membership, will be able to attend all of these events free of charge. AIT will notify members about volunteering opportunities for exhibitions and art projects on a priority basis also. Furthermore, for top tier members only, talks and events led by invited artists and guests will be organized. An annual party open to Support and House members will provide further opportunities for meeting new friends and forging a community of like-minded art supporters.

The AIT Membership Program comprises three levels of membership, each with unique benefits. Members will be provided with a membership card valid for one year on application, and this will allow you to participate in various events and offerings. A limited edition AIT logo eco-friendly canvas bag comes as a gift to all Support and House level members.

As a non-profit organization with a public mandate and responsibility, we look forward to your support.

1. Membership Categories (and Anuual Membership fees)

House     20,000 yen
Support     10,000 yen

Base N/A     *All MAD students automatically go under this group

※ Membership can be applied for at any time.
※ The membership card is valid for one year from the date it specifies.
※ Students of AIT’s school, MAD – Making Art Different, automatically become Base members and are entitled to discounted entry to AIT talks in AIT Room. MAD students must apply separately to become Support or House members.

2. Membership Benefits

【House Member  Annual Fee: 20,000 yen】
House members enjoy all of the benefits for Support members listed above plus the following:
■ Free invitation to all AIT events and projects outside of AIT Room.
■ Invitation to two special talk events with invited artists/curators or guests.
■ Access to a special selection library of books (mainly Japanese language) which House members can borrow for up to
two weeks.
■ Discount for any books published by AIT

【Support Member  Annual Fee: 10,000 yen】
■ Priority notices for all AIT talks and events.
■ Priority notices for exhibitions volunteering and related job opportunities.
■ Gift of original AIT logo eco-friendly canvas bag.
■ Invitation to annual AIT organized members party.
■ Members will receive a Mail News on AIT events.

3. Gift Memberships

Why not buy an AIT membership for a friend or family member? We accept applications on behalf of friends or family members.

4. Application Process

- Currently unable to accept

※ Receipts can be made request basis.
※ There is no refund for membership payments.
※ Membership personal information will be kept strictly confidential by AIT and used only for purposes related to the membership program.
※ On applying for membership we assume that members will agree to e-mail notifications being sent to their personal addresses etc, and for other membership program related activities.
※ All members will procure the right to participate and vote in AIT’s annual general meeting.
※ For inquiries regarding group or business level membership please contact AIT.
※ Although most of AIT’s talks and notices are bi-lingual (Japanese-English), please note that there may be events or notices which are in Japanese only. This will be made clear in notices.

5. Contacts
Non-Profit Organization [A.I.T.] Arts Initiative Tokyo * Closed Saturdays and Sundays
Address: 30-8 Sarugaku-cho, Twin Bldg. Daikanyama B403, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0033,Japan
Telephone: 03-5489-7277  Fax: 03-3780-0266
URL: http://www.a-i-t.net  Email: otoiawase@a-i-t.net

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